Why I Won’t Wear Gloves To Lay Hands On Covid-19 Patients – Oyedepo

Why I Won’t Wear Gloves To Lay Hands On Covid-19 Patients – Oyedepo Says
Bishop David Oyedepo ( Founder, Living Faith Church Worldwide) Photo : FB

The founder of living Faith Church Aka Winners Chapel Worldwide “Bishop David Oyedepo” says he won’t wear Gloves to Lay hands on Covid-19 patients.



“I carry eternal life and not human life” – Bishop David Oyedepo reveals as he explains during the Convenant hour of prayer held on Saturday at the living Faith Church.


“August is almost gone. We are in the 9th hour as it were, we are going to step into the 11th hour shortly: it is not late, you can connect.


“COVID-19 cannot be any reason why your own ‘breaking limit’ package will not be delivered. It’s not a tenable reason. No circumstance on earth will make the covenant of God of no effect.

“You can imagine a medical doctor, going back there to minister to coronavirus patients (documented testimony). He found something, while others are scared by everything they can see.

“Can you imagine anyone bringing coronavirus patient to me and I won’t lay hands on him? Will I wear gloves to lay hands on them? I will lay hands on them, breathe into them, embrace them. What you carry is eternal life, it’s not human life. You should know that.”


He continued:-


“Someday, they will know that they have been deceived. They will all know that they have been grossly deceived.


“You’ve covered your mouth: do you cover it when you want to eat or there is no coronavirus when you are eating? I just look at it and say, ‘what is all this?’


“It’s all the devil trying to dehumanise humanity. Don’t go near old people, yet you are buying food from them!


“Do you ask somebody of her age when you want to buy food: ‘Hello Mama, what’s your age?’ Age of what? Get out, my friend. I am selling something and you’re asking my age


“The world will be free. I have a liberation mandate to this generation. My job is to see human beings set free from all harassment of the devil. Enough is Enough! Receive grace to constantly celebrate the Word of God; to embrace the Word of God by putting it to work in faith.”


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