TRUE OR FALSE ?? Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo Does Not Get Credit Enough

TRUE OR FALSE ?? Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo Does Not Get Credit Enough

TRUE OR FALSE ??  COZA Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo Does Not Get Credit Enough.


Most say COZA Pastor Biodun Fatoyibo has a sense of Excellence but doesn’t get much credit from members.


After speaking with a close followers of COZA but disclosed he is not a member, proudlygospel understands that he says the pastor isn’t well appreciated.


In his words he said

Let me clearly state it now. I have never been a member of COZA, I have never had cause to encounter any of pastor Bioduns messages. To an extent even, I didn’t rate COZA high on any spectrum of spirituality.


I have never visited COZA nor attended service there. I have been an active member of one of the supposedly fire brand Pentecostal churches here in Nigeria. All that changed recently when I out of boredom, was scrolling through the channels on my decoder and I stumbled on COZA channel.

Somehow, I decided to watch what was on offer. I saw a difference and uniqueness incomparable to no other church in Nigeria right now. I saw a young man, a young church, preaching no condemnation. I saw a church willing to accept you as you are.

We were all witnesses to the attacks and threat to the life of Daddy freeze by men of the gospel leading some of the largest churches in Nigeria. On the altar, insults were freely thrown. Gullible morons who call themselves members, screamed amen in affirmation. Prominent pastors in Nigeria could not be differentiated from boko Haram and ISIS. In defense of a man they call their father, inspite of Christ himself pointedly warning us in scripture not to ever call any man our father, they went to war. They attacked daddy freeze in anger. He backed himself with scriptures.

Let’s remember how pastor Biodun handle the unfortunate controversy that rocked his pastorship a while back. Did he insult anyone? Did he threaten to kill anyone? He took everything in stride, even stepped aside from leadership of his church.


This is how a messenger of Christ behaves. He stood true for his calling far more than the fire mongering lot that attacked Daddy Freeze.

I am not holding brief for COZA nor pastor Biodun. He does not know me by any means. But COZA channel, is a constant in my home now. That is how church should be.


Now to you gospellovers, What do you think?? Drop your comments below

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