Testing For COVID-19 Is One Of The Biggest Fraud” – Pastor Oyakhilome Blows Again

Testing For COVID-19 Is One Of The Biggest Fraud” – Pastor Oyakhilome Blows Again
Pastor Chris Oyakhilome
Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, founder of Christ Embassy international reveals that Testing For COVID-19 Is One Of The Biggest Fraud.


Who examined the test kits? Independent examiners? What are they testing for? Pastor Chris asked as a rhetorical question in one of his sermons explaining that the tests were just a waste of resources.


He said :-

Every test must look for something. Does this test know the difference between Malaria and COVID-19? Or any type of Corona virus?

“After all, they said they are still studying the virus, so what are they testing for? A presence? A reaction? What is it testing for?”

Pastor Chris Emphasized that the Covid-19 test fraud had to stop as there has been complaints from other countries about the tests.


He said –


“Those who are doing the test are behind the fraud. Every government needs to wake up now and question the fraud! Paid Journalists had better be sincere to themselves, their country and to God. I have done my research. You do yours! Get the right information.”

He described the social distancing rule as so ridiculous, saying “Who is fooling who? Between now and the Antichrist new world order, I will tell you what’s going to happen. We have come of age as the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ. We have come to a place of knowledge and understanding.

“He is bringing us into a place of maturity in Christ Jesus. God has brought us to a place where we should recognize deception and not fall for it.

“We are in a position of responsibility. Here’s where we have arrived…we will grow to another level but we have attained a place where we must now decide the next world order.

“The new world order won’t come from them (those who caused the decimating of economies around the world) it will come from us. Three things are important. We will do it through prayer,” he added.

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