SHOCKING!! I Saw Angel Michael Descend From Heaven – Man Reveals

SHOCKING!! I Saw Angel Michael Descend From Heaven - Man Reveals

SHOCKING!! I Saw Angel Michael Descend From Heaven – Man Reveals in a post.


The Man Reveals he’s seen the Arch Angel Michael descend from heaven but tried to understand what he saw as true.

He said

In a dream I saw someone descend from heaven who told me “I’m here to protect you”,
but i didn’t know who it was until some persons around me said “it’s Angel Micheal.”

In an instant, i saw him annihilate something troubling me on the spot, which I suppose was of the chief devil Lucifer, because for the archangel to get involved, it has to be Satanic powers of the highest order.

I have seen fallen angels, including Lucifer, demons severally in my dreams, and though I briefly saw the appearance of Jesus also in a dream sometime last year which i shared here in nairaland with my jesusjnr moniker, this was the first time I had ever seen the appearance of any angel of God since the day I was born.

He had brown hair and looked really matured, focused and masculine. I didn’t see any wings on Him though, and can’t remember seeing any sword or such weapon on him, but he didn’t appear to need such as his weapons seemed inbuilt.

After successfully finding a portrait which matched the face of Jesus which I saw in a dream here in Nairaland, through the help of a brother with the moniker, Okcornel, which was also confirmed by several nairalanders, including brother EnthronedbyGod who was led by the Holy Ghost via a vision to the same thread at the same time I was confirming that same portrait, I also tried searching online if I could find any portrait that would match the face and appearance of the archangel I saw to use for this purpose, but unfortunately I couldn’t find any.

Maybe I would try and make a sketch of the face I saw myself, to give some here an idea of what Angel Michael looked like, although I doubt if I would be able do it much justice even though his appearance is still vivid in mind, because my drawing skills should be very rusty now after abandoning it for a very long time, but with God nothing shall be impossible.

In the meantime, if there be anyone here who in all honesty has also seen the appearance of angel Micheal, please come and also share what he looks like so that we can compare.


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