Naomi Classik releases a new single Na ‘You Big’ [@naomiclassik]

Naomi classik releases the much anticipated single titled Na You Big. The song is a follow up of her last release All About You Video.

‘Na You Big’ is a song that affirms how big our God is. God is able and his bigger than all problems.

Na You Big was produced by Prinx Louis and Naomi classik.

This hit banger by naomi classik is exclusively on boomplay




Na You Big Lyrics

Mega ! Ah
Yea yea yea yea yea
Ooooh hnmmm
Verse 1:
How I wish say
I fit describe you Papa
Yea yea yea
I believe say
Your word for me no be lie oo
You bless me too much o
Turn my life around
You love me too much oo
Change my story ooo
If I start to count
All the things you do for me
If I start to count
all the things you do for me
Oghene me we ma ro(ma ro) (2x)
Oghene me we ro vio de na be so we(2x)

baba na you big oh(6x)

Verse 2:
You’re the light to my darkness
Jehovah my highness
Ovierivie the realest
Your praise is the highest
You dey blow my mind oo
E no matter how e sound ooo
I go make am loud
You just dey blow my mind oo
E no matter how e sound ooo
Oghene me we ma ro (ma ro) (2x)
Oghene me we ro vio de na be so we(2x)

Chorus: Baba na you big oh (6x)

Na you dey give joy (Oh oh 3x)
Na you dey give me peace (oh oh 3x)
You scatter my enemies (oh oh 3x)
Cover my family (oh oh 3x)
Take all my sorrows away (oh oh 3x)
You you you bless me (oh oh 3x)
Throway my palava (oh oh 3x)
Answer my prayer yea yea yea (oh oh 3x)
Oghene me ooo (oh oh 3x)
Oghene me
You much oo (oh oh 3x)
Jehovah my highness (oh oh 3x)
You you you yeah (oh oh 3x)
Oh Oghene me
You big pass ooo

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