Thank you

How stunning it when God utilizes our agony to beat our feelings of dread? It sucks experiencing, yet there’s a gift in each exercise. Marvin Sapp addresses it in his new tune named, “Thank You For It All.”

Taking note of the way that he’s despite everything standing tall, Sapp sings: All that I am is on the grounds that all that you brought me through. What’s more, all that I’ve endure is all a direct result of you. Much obliged to you for everything. The great, awful, the revolting, extraordinary and little.  Thank you for it all by marvin Sapp

What a message, isn’t that so? It’s his first single since his 2017 hit, “Close.”

“This melody typifies the season we are in,” Sapp says. “Through the great and the terrible, the ups and the downs, the pandemic and the fights, being individuals of God implies we are attached in gratefulness to our forgiving Father, paying little heed to our conditions.” Thank you for it all by marvin Sapp

Take a tune in below:


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