I Attended My Call To Bar Ceremony With A Borrowed Wig, Gown and Collaret – Barr. Rachael Obodo-Obunseli

Today I celebrate the 10th year anniversary of my Call to the Nigerian Bar. Every year since my first year anniversary I always marked it with a certain gloom and unhappy memories. “Barr. Rachael Obodo-Obunseli”

Things took a drastic turn in my family in the first year of my undergraduate studies and our lives changed from good to worse. All through my years in the University and in Law school, I struggled with depression. Several nights i cried myself to sleep. I couldn’t talk to anyone, but God. I was on some occasions sent out of the examination hall for lack of school fees, which terribly affected my grades. I stayed some days without food, so I could save for more important things in school (only a few friends knew this).

But each time I recall the sacrifices my parents have made in the past and what they had to give up for my sake , I never contemplated giving up. I still wore the biggest smile on campus. I survived shame and hunger! Like a duck, I remained calm on the outside and paddled crazily below water!

On the 14th day of February, 2012; I walked into my call to Bar ceremony with a borrowed Wig, Gown and Collaret. The only thing I wore that belonged to me was my old white-washed suit from university days. My loving parents couldn’t afford to attend the ceremony. Streams of sadness enveloped me as i watched the other new wigs take photographs with their parents and family members.

Barr. Rachael Obodo-Obunseli with the borrowed wig and gown

But today I want to recreate the memories of my call to Bar. Today i have my personal Wig, Gown and Collaret and much more. Today I have invited my parents to take call to Bar photos with me and luckily for me, my husband gets to appear in it.

Barr. Rachael And Her Parents
Barr. Rachael And Her Husband

Today I choose to be happier.
Today I have the chance to create a great memory for an indigent law graduate .
Today I survived,
Today I am better,
Tough situations don’t last, tough people do.
Today I am a DIAMOND made out of Mud.

“When the Lord turned around the captivity of Zion, we were like them that dream” Psalm 126:1

Barr. Rachael
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