Final Replay Starts TOMORROW: 2020 Preaching Calendar Call (6 times added over 3 days!)

By request, I’m bringing back my 2020 Preaching Calendar Conference Call this week — and for the first time you can choose from SIX available times, starting tomorrow with options also on Wednesday and Thursday! 

This has been our most popular training event and I know the impact it will have on your ministry — saving you HOURS of planning time.

Ready to join me for this final replay? Space is limited so click here to sign up now on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday! 
When you register, you’ll immediately receive a FREE sermon series and Listener’s Guide, plus additional bonuses when you attend (a total of over $459.80 in bonuses).

A few weeks ago at The Journey, we had a week-long planning retreat with all of our teaching pastors and our worship pastors from our various campuses.  At the end of the planning session, we walked away with our 2020 preaching calendar And I want to share this process with you (more on that below) — and walk you through your 2020 Preaching Calendar so you can see the pitfalls to avoid and possibilities to engage!

Click here to sign up now for this week’s final replay — Choose from six new times available on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday! 

Here are three big reminders why you should be planning your preaching in advance:

1) Planning reduces your stress. Most pastors plan week to week, which can easily pin you in a corner if something unexpected comes up. I don’t like the stress of wondering on Thursday, what I’m going to preach on Sunday.

2) It’s very hard to be creative at the last minute. When you give yourself time to plan, you give yourself time to pick up great ideas along the way — and time to implement those ideas at their maximum potential. My worship leader tells me that all the time. He’s like, “I can be very creative in the services, I just can’t do it on Saturday night.” I’ve got to give him time to prepare.

3) A preaching calendar maximizes your impact, especially on Big Days. We all know the pain of regret after a Sunday is over and you look back and you think, “Boy, I could have done this. I should have been able to do that.” Planning allows you to make sure that every Sunday is exactly what it needs to be.

There’s a better way to live, there’s a better way to prepare, there’s a better way to plan.

That’s why you’re invited to join me for this one-time REPLAY of my 75-minute 2020 Preaching Calendar Conference Call.

On this call this week, I will walk you through 2020 Sunday by Sunday and look for the pitfalls and possibilities to help you plan what you’re going to preach next year.


DATE AND TIME — Choose from SIX new convenient times running this week:

Tues., December 10th @ 11:00am to 12:15pm ET

Tues., December 10th @ 2:00pm to 3:15pm ET 

Wed., December 11th @ 11:00am to 12:15pm ET

Wed., December 11th @ 2:00pm to 3:15pm ET  

Thurs., December 12th @ 11:00am to 12:15pm ET

Thurs., December 12th @ 2:00pm to 3:15pm ET 

(Call will be about 75 minutes.) 

*Warning: These will be the last 6 available times for the call replay — don’t miss this final opportunity!

Will you join me for this time-saving event? Just 75 minutes of your time will save you HOURS of planning time.

But you must act quickly: Phone lines are limited and these trainings always fill up because my coaching networks make every effort to attend.

So don’t put this off:

Click Here to Reserve Your Spot Now for my BRAND NEW 2020 Preaching Calendar Conference Call REPLAY — Choose from six new available times on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday!  

Through this brand new training – you can expect to discover:

  • An inside look into The Journey’s preaching calendar and exactly how I structured it to maximize 2020.
  • Five essential ways to prepare for your preaching calendar planning.
  • The planning strategies that have allowed me to increase my preaching impact — and the impact of the 2,100 pastors I’ve coached — every time I step into the pulpit.
  • How a preaching calendar will help you reduce stress, improve creativity and break the week-to-week cycle!
  • Sunday by Sunday, all the pitfalls and possibilities built into the 2020 calendar.
  • Why it’s OK to have gaps in your calendar or even a partial calendar and how to continue to build that out as 2020 progresses.
  • How to use the calendar to bring balance to your preaching and maximize the spiritual growth opportunities for your people.
  • When, specifically, to plan your 2020 Big Days (and when not to plan them).
  • How to make the most of people’s natural seasonal patterns.
  • The best times in 2020 for each of the 3 different types of sermon series (attraction, growth & balance).
  • How to make Easter in 2020 more effective than ever at your church
  • Which days you can expect fewer people and how to best use those days.
  • And many more insights that will save you hours all year long!

Click Here to Reserve Your Spot Now for my new 2020 Preaching Calendar Conference Call REPLAY! 

When you sign up now you’ll IMMEDIATELY receive The New You sermon series FREE plus the downloadable calendar that I’ll walk through with you on the call.

Remember, you will just need access to a phone to join this live call; it is not an online event.

And for the first time you can choose from SIX available times, starting TOMORROW!

Join me for one of the last replays of my 2020 Preaching Calendar Conference Call — these 75 minutes will save you hours all year long! 

Your partner in ministry,


P.S. Remember, everyone who attends the call will receive over $459.80 in bonuses, including two FREE sermon series (one of which you’ll receive immediately after registering)!

I hope you can join me for this final replay — now with 6 times available starting Tuesday, with options also on Wednesday and Thursday!

Click Here to Reserve Your Spot Now for my BRAND NEW 2020 Preaching Calendar Conference Call REPLAY PLUS Bonuses! 

Space is Limited at these Six New Times! Don’t Miss this Final Replay Opportunity – Save Your Spot Today!

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