“Don’t Claim Ownership of Gods Church” – Oyedepo tells Church Leaders

"Don't Claim Ownership of God's Church" - Oyedepo tells Church Leaders
Bishop David Oyedepo ( Founder, Living Faith Church Worldwide) Photo : FB

Bishop David Oyedepo has admonished Church Leaders on claiming Ownership of God’s Church .


The Founder of Living Faith Church Worldwide explained the Negative effect of leaders who declared they are owners of the church.


Oyedepo says it is unbiblical for church leaders to claim ownership of their churches saying “it’s God’s church” not theirs.


Speaking during the online Service on August 9 , Bishop Oyedepo revealed that the Church is of the Lord’s  from the Scripture ” I will build my Church and the Gate of hell shall not prevail against it”.


He said, “There is nothing like my wife and I in  ministry. There is no such thing in the Bible. It’s God’s church, not our church. It is wrong to claim ownership of God’s church.”

Making further clarification, he said “not one single thing that belongs to God should be named after me. Covenant University should never be named after me after I am long gone. The ancient of days owns it, not me. So let nobody be zealous to go and put my name on it.”

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