Busuyi Onabolu Tells Us When We Should Sing In New Song

“When do you sing?” 

 It was the first time I asked that question of anyone. It was sometime in May of 2015 at a Rotary Club meeting.

Everybody sings… some answered… it is an involuntary action.

Some responded they only sing on special days and maybe on Sundays at Church.

After some time, a lady, demurring a little, rose up and said …’ I did not want to bring this up earlier but ‘Songs are powerful, more powerful than prayers as they reach straight for heaven’s throne.’

I have since asked many more people and groups the same question, when do you sing? The responses did not vary much from the initial responses, but the lady’s stood alone…The lady’s answer would appear strange, but so is my question.

It was a question that has been on my mind ever since I had a dream, vision or reverie… call it whatever you may in which I was given a song, and that question was asked.

My question that first time, was to unburden my mind. Her answer convicted me.

And now I have a song…The song came to me in April of 2015.

I was walking down this road and saw a crowd being addressed by a man from a podium. It was the man I was going to see.

As I neared him, he suddenly and openly started condemning what he was doing and abruptly stepped down from the podium. He walked, as if rushing, across the road and went into a massive Industrial-like building.  Out of the building came the sound of a beautiful song that drew me towards the building.


I recognized the voice; it was the man singing as he moved on. I entered the building. When I got into the warehouse-like but empty ground floor hall, I saw no trace of him, but the sound of his song kept flowing back to me.

I followed the sound which led to a staircase and went up. On the landing, the floor stretched far to my right and left and also in front of me…all empty of people.

As the sound was now coming directly from ahead of me, I followed and found myself facing two massive doors.

I opened the doors and entered a large hall. The whole floor to my left was the factory floor and was filled with machineries, all fully manned. To my right wererows of tables and people who appeared to be supervisors were seated facing the factory hall.

There was a central aisle, dividing the factory floor into two, into which the man had turned and was going down this central aisle separating the factory floor singing his song, totally oblivious to his surroundings.

At every point he passed, the sound of the machineries ceased, the workers rose up, joining him in the song.  And as they sang, I heard clearly the first two words of every line of the song which were: “I sing”.

The remaining words of each line sounded like each person sang using their own words … their reasons for singing.

All sang the last line of every stanza which rang out loud and clear… “I’LL SING WHEN LIFE IS DONE.”

As he went down that central aisle, which extended far into endless space, everyone was standing singing and moving with the Pied Piper in unison.

I was invisible to them and no matter how fast I ran I did not get near him. Then I heard the song coming in from the hallway where I had come up by the stairs.

I ran back towards the doors by which I had come in and as I came out of the door, the sound was now fading away. There was a man in that hallway standing by me, so I asked him, how can I catch up with this man? He replied and said … ‘Ahh you cannot…’

Then I sat up in bed… I had been dreaming. I immediately got a pen and notepad and wrote down the musical notes of the song and the words I heard. I woke my wife and told her of my dream and hummed the song to her.

The urge to do something about the song was strong but I did not know what to do. I made some half-hearted efforts which got nowhere and then in June 2019 the urge became very strong and with it, marching orders and directives, which I followed.

Since then, many wonderful and seemingly impossible things have happened, and even now is still unfolding. These includes the gift of the final words of the entire lyrics just hours before going into the recording studio.

While still thinking what to do with the song, the world came face-to-face with COVID-19, a coronavirus that suddenly descended on humanity, rampaging the whole world and locking us down.

Maybe NOW is the time we sing … sing to The Lord Our Savior.

So, Sing.


ByBusuyi Onabolu

  1. O do Sing, o all you people

O Sing, all day long

I do sing for my Lord and Saviour

I’ll sing when life is done.


(So, Sing) Sing, O all you people

(So, Sing)  Sing all day long

(O Sing, O Sing)

Sing to the Lord your Saviour

You’ll sing when life is done.

  1. I do sing for joy of creation

And I sing for this gift of life

I do sing for all life’s provisions

I’ll sing when life is done


  1. I do sing when life does get stormy

And I sing through the rain or shine

I do sing for He’s ever near me

I’ll sing when life is done.


  1. I do sing for a mi-llion reasons

And I sing for victories

I do sing even in low times

I’ll sing when life is done.


  1. I do sing in Thanksgiving

And I sing for He keeps me safe

I’ll sing when this life is over

I’ll sing when life is done.

CHORUS: (2ce)…..fades

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