A Proven Book to Connect with Your First-Time Guests – FREE Copy!

What if there were a powerful gift that you could share with your first-time guests that deepen your relationship and guide them during difficult times? My book, Unshakable: Standing Strong When Things Go Wrong has led to incredible life change at churches around the country as dozens have pastors have used it in their churches.

And I’d like to gift you with a FREE copy today and invite you to consider this book for your congregation. Click here to learn more and request your free copy!

How Does this Book Help First-Time Guests?

I invested two years writing Unshakable, going through over 3,000 prayer requests from first-time guests. I discovered that the requests fell into one of about 10 different categories, like marriage issues, career challenges, illness, finances and dealing with loss.

Pastors often set up tables or make the books available at their welcome centers and encourage their first-time guests to take a copy each Sunday.

This book was written specifically to meet first-time guests where they are! It is meant to provide encouragement, spiritual next steps and biblical grounding for those who are under tension, in trouble or in transition. I want to partner with YOU to invest in your first-time guests and help them develop an unshakable faith.

How Have Pastors Used Their Unshakable Books?

Pastors have the option of partnering with me to personalize their books (custom foreword, name on cover, bio, church logo and website), or purchasing copies in bulk.

The dozens of pastors who have used this book in their church have primarily used it as a free gift for their first-time guests. At my church, The Journey Church, we offer this as well and encourage first-time guests to stop by a Welcome Table to pick up their free copy of Unshakable.

The exciting thing to see is how many more ways the book has also been used:

  • Churches including The Journey have created Small Groups around Unshakable. Our very first co-author did this and created a Small Groups Study Guide that is also available to you with your own co-authorship.
  • Guests have shared it with family, friends and neighbors going through difficult times — it has become a powerful evangelism tool.
  • Pastors have launched the books on a Big Day coinciding with the Unshakable Sermon Series — which you will receive as a free bonus when you do a co-authorship. On this Big Day, everyone in the congregation would receive a free copy to kick off the series and the new book.

I’ve seen first-hand what a powerful connection tool this book can be. Pastors across the country have shared their stories using the book and how it brought their people closer to the church. Click here to read some of their stories and request your copy and book information packet!

When you do sign up for a custom co-authorship, you are also able to select from five cover designs. All designs will have your name on the cover and your name, bio, photo and church logo on the back cover.

First-time guests and church members have been impressed with the quality of the book. One of our co-authors, Lon Dean, said they call the book “life-changing” and have also found it helpful in getting to know their pastor.

With Unshakable, you can:

  • Engage first-time guests who will have an immediate connection with you, because of the foreword you write.
  • Give your church members a tool they can use to reach their friends and family as they go through the trials of life.
  • Reach out to the unbelievers in your community with a book that’s evangelistic, biblical, practical and non-threatening.
  • Know that your first-time guests are receiving a high-quality gift they’ll enjoy – and may even pass on to their unchurched friends!

I invite you to review the book in great detail. As you read it, remember that this book is meant to reach those who are under tension, in trouble or in transition. The goal is to deepen your connection with first-time guests — and this book has been proven to do EXACTLY that!

Click here and go to to learn more about both custom and non-personalized options, read pastor stories and request your FREE book copy today!

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